Entrepreneurship Education and Incubation in the Tokai Region of Japan

Tongali is an educational institution dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship in Central Japan’s academic communities. We help researchers and students become successful entrepreneurs with an innovative “tongali,” or edge, using their groundbreaking work and ideas as seeds of their businesses. We provide them with tuition-free entrepreneurship education, comprehensive incubator services, and access to a global network of investors and mentors, and much more. Read more

What we do

Tongali E

Entrepreneurship Education

Tuition-free, yearlong program offering essential entrepreneurial courses, ranging from business ideation to finances to marketing. Curriculum with overseas training opportunities and a variety of events, symposiums and pitch contests.
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Tongali X


Incubation program that provides seed-to-exit support. Provided $35 billion in funding over the past 7 years, helping several startups launch and grow successfully. Also matches businesses with the right mentors.
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Free access to co-working spaces and makers’ studios, including full suits of equipment and amenities, such as 3D printers, work benches and tools, as well as meeting rooms.
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Global Startup Ecosystem

Tongali collaborate with several Universities, research facilities and incubation in different countries.
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By the Numbers

Tongali’s achievements record since its 2016 inception:


“How to Start a Company in Japan” is Tongali’s guidebook for undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, university faculty and staff members, and alumni, who are interested in launching their own businesses. Whether you need to know how to incorporate a business or create a marketable product, the book got you covered!

“Tokkin Tokkin” is a dialect word in the Tokai area in Japan meaning “edged “.
“Tokkin Tokkin” is a magazine for university startups, published once a year since 2000, which provides an insight into the current state of startups in the Tokai region, including reports from universities participating in Tongali and interviews with students who have participated Tongali activities.

Participating Universities