There are some facilities that students, faculties can use as co-working space.

Idea Stoa (Nagoya University)

IDEA STOA at  National Innovation Complex 1F at Nagoya University   is renovated and open as co-creation place.

M-STUDIO (Meijyo University)

M-STUDIO at  PLAT at Meijo University  is a base for entrepreneurial activities to provide practical learning through manufacturing and to carry out diverse projects.

Tongali house (Nagoya University)

Tongali house is co-working space located 3F at  National Innovation Complex, Nagoya University.

The following are eligible to use the space

  1. Student ventures (including alumni) granted the title of Nagoya University led Venture
  2. Individuals or organizations that have won awards in contests sponsored or co-sponsored by the Tongali
  3. Students or entrepreneurs who have participated in Tongali Schools or contests organized by Tongali , and who have been recognized as suitable by Tongali.

terms of use Tongali house(PDF)